Being outside is a good way to clear the soul be it the beauty of pebbles on a beach or the anticipation of witnessing an oncoming storm. I use photography to convey the emotions I feel in being in an everyday outdoor environment.  A back road becomes a portal to nature’s unknown and a winter tree becomes an arch to a barren land.  


 A native of Hubbard, Ohio, many of my photographs are local to the counties of  Trumbull, Mahoning, Geauga and Ashtabula, but elsewhere also.  While I am pursuing a history degree at Youngstown State University it is interesting for me to shoot local historical sites and cemeteries that mirror the subjects I am studying and covey sentiment with them.


My goal is that after seeing my work, people are inspired to study the snowflake that falls on their coat, see all the different hues in the sky and take time to remember the historical past.


––––Gavin Esposito